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O Holy Night! Il Volo Sings Christmas Classics A Cappella"

"Everyone knows that the most famous Christmas songs are the American ones," Il Volo member Piero Barone, 20, says during an exclusive interview with Yahoo Music.

"Il Volo brings Christmas to Italy (Domenica In)"

Il Volo" performed at Domenica In,and in a chat with the presenter Mara Venier . They are in Italy for the presentation of their Christmas cd

Il Volo protagonist at the Christmas concert in Assisi

From Silent Night Gruber to John Lennon Happy Xmas concert in the Basilica, the trio "Il Volo" protagonist of a program of seventeen tracks.

Il Volo performs at The Grove's 11th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Il Volo performed at The Grove's 11th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Spectacular Presented By Citi at The Grove LA

IL Volo at the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade

Disney wrapped up the east coast taping of the 2013 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade TV Special this past weekend. The 30th annual holiday telecast airs December 25 on ABC-TV in the U.S.A.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Il Volo Interview for TeveUnica

Hello friends of TeveUnica. Today we are with the Italian Trio Il Volo. We are here with them in the beautiful city of Miami and they will be presenting for the second time on the Latin Billboard. Guys tell us how you feel?
P: We are very excited because it's our second time here in Miami for Latin Billboard. Last year we sang a song called "El triste"  by Jose Jose. And we have two nominations this year and we will also present an award. We can not wait to be there.
You travel a lot together, tell us a little bit of this. Who is the cleanest? 
G: The cleanest? in what sense?
The most ordained? 
I: I. I take a shower every three hours.
And who easts more? 
G: He ... he easts the moost (signals piero ).
I: but does not seem like it.

Live Chat with Il Volo

Il Volo: # IlVolovers Thanks for your love and all you do for Il Volo!
Q: How many children would you like to have?
Q: of Venezuela that is what you most remember?
Everything! So sorry for you are going through. We are close to all of you.
Q: Kind of like sushi? Tuna tataki, sashimi which??
Rainbow Roll, and Tuna tataki. Edamame for appetizer
Q: What's most important to you from your fans?
The presence and the warm you transmitted to us
Q: What can we say about your new musical projects?
We are working hard for the new album.

Il Volo on Un Nuevo Dia (Telemundo)

Il Volo was on Un Nuevo Dia this morning. They talked about singing "El Triste", their Latin Billboard nominations, and their success. They later plays a game of guessing the dance game. They also invited them to cook with the chef james. They finalized signing "Mas Que Amor".

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Il Volo confessed that they feel sexy in thong

We are with Il Volo it's a  pleasure, thank you very much .
G: It is a pleasure for us .We are happy to return here to Miami for the Latin Billboards.
You are people who have great style, glamour , fashion , I want to know how your style of clothing has changed during all these years .
P: We are Italians so, we are full of music and fashion . So every day we evolve styles and change clothes. And now we have Brioni is a wonderful brand worldwide .
You almost steal the answer of my next question. Who is going to dress you for the red carpet ?
G: For the red carpet is an Italian stylist , called Brioni is one of the most glamorous and stylish we have , really. Everyone also Leonardo DiCaprio, John Travolta, Beckham. It's not well known but it really incredible clothes.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Il Volo arrives to Miami to play soccer on Al Rojo Vivo

Il Volo are in Miami to attend the Latin Billboards 2014 this thursday on Telemundo. They are finalist on two categories. Guadalupe Venegas was with them this morning. Il Volo just got off the plane from Italy to Miami, and Guadalupe took them to play soccer.

Miami welcomes Il Volo

The emotion took flight (Il Volo)

"Dreams come true " - as they say in the United States

Really looks like a fairy tale story to Gianluca , Ignazio and Piero , the three boys coming respectively from Roseto degli Abruzzi (Te ) , Marsala ( Tp ) and Naro ( Ag ) to participate in 2009 , the talent show children of RAI1 " Una Canzone Ti Lascio " led by Antonella Clerici , and a few years become a true musical phenomenon capable of exporting the most beautiful melodies of traditional Italian opera and pop music to the most prestigious theaters in the U.S. and South America.

The name " Il Volo " is quickly followed sold out and loud applause . On one side , a life spending months a year tour ( with an average of 50 shows in less than three months) , and another, the world has not changed the character of these three boys, who remained strong in family values ​​and faith. Sang with Placido Domingo , Barbara Streisand , Laura Pausini , added into your account over a million followers on Twitter , but when they return to Italy are teenagers like everyone else .


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