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Monday, June 24, 2013

[Birthday Special] 20 Things about Piero Barone + Exclusive artwork

We want to wish Piero a happy birthday from Team Il Volo.
Sometimes words cannot express how much Piero Barone means to us. Click here to see the EXCLUSIVE ARTWORK of Piero made by graphic artist Beatriz.

Here's 20 things about Piero Barone. Enjoy!
1. Piero Barone was born on June 24, 1993 in Italy.
2. From the time he was 3, Piero Barone knew he'd become a singer. "That was the first time I opened my mouth, and sang to my nonno and he took me to have my voice recorded that same day".
3. Piero was a contestant in an Italian show called "Ti Lascio Una Cazone," where he met Gianluca and Ignazio and sang O’ Sole Mio for the first time. Later they became Il Volo. 
4. Piero’s favorite color is red and his trademark is his red glasses.
5. Piero loves to drive sports cars in his free time.

6. When Piero is on tour, the thing he missed the most is his family.
7. Piero is a tenor.
8. Piero says he is a guy who cannot easily find love. But he expects to find it when he’s 30 or 35 years old. He wants to get married and have children.
9. Piero has confirmed several times that he likes to get naked every time he is alone in his room.
10. His father taught him to cook. He makes delicious salmon pasta.
11. Piero confessed that one day he peed on the balcony of his house.
12. Piero’s crush is Angelina Jolie.
13. Piero likes to read his fans’ tweets before going to sleep.
14. Piero’s favorite city is Naro.
15. For Piero music is everything. It's like food and oxygen.
16. Piero has a lot of musical instruments in his home.
17. Piero is a simple humble guy.
18. Piero describes signing with Barbra Streisand as an unforgettable experience.
19. Piero can’t Skype with her little sister because she’d start to cry.
20. Piero loves his fans.

Feel free to add more things about Piero in the comments or tweet us on @teamilvolo


  1. Hi Piero, wish you a very HAAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!Can't wait to see you in Sept. I try to watch all your videos on my pc. Have been trying to promote your coming to Pittsburgh for two years & now can hardly believe it's coming true ! Can't wait!

  2. Happy Birthday and I will be at the Pittsburgh concert also. I saw Il Volo in Cleveland during the first tour. I cannot believe I will be seeing you again. I cannot wait.




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