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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Il Divo vs. Il Volo: Breaking down the differences

In what must be the most coincidental booking of the year, male operatic pop groups Il Divo and Il Volo both take to the Peabody Opera House stage next week, with Il Volo on Tuesday and Il Divo on Wednesday.
The two groups are so alike on the surface that it's easy to confuse them. They share a musical genre, similar names, sweeping male harmonies and international flair. Both have performed on "American Idol" and have a connection to Barbra Streisand.
But there are distinct differences between the groups.
One group is a newcomer, the other a relative veteran. One group is made up of teenagers, the other includes men old enough to be their fathers. One is under the watchful eye of Simon Cowell, while the other sprung from a talent competition unrelated to Cowell.
Here's a breakdown to help tell them apart:




  1. I love IL Volo. They are a million times better than IL Divo. There can be no comparison.

  2. I love il volo
    yo amo il volo




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