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Monday, May 20, 2013

Photos: Il Volo, the Italian who conquer the world with their voices

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble are three young Italians who shot to fame in 2009 after participating separately in a talent show of Italian TV. There, the show's producer decided to join them to perform "O sole mio", with unusual success.
Soon, the boys were implemented as a trio under the name Il Volo, and began an intensive supported Chilean Tony Renis and Humberto Gatica. In 2010 they released their first album (self-titled) album in Italy earning gold and platinum.
Since then, the voices of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca began to spread through the world as a new youth phenomenon, sure hand of a strong and renewed lyrical music.
"For us every day is a dream. We have been very lucky to do this and want to spread the message of love for music, it's not business, it is our life "says Gianluca Ginoble in almost perfect Spanish.
Together with its partners, the singer admits he never imagined achieving much success around the world, and least, that his life would change so much.
"Everything has changed. A lot. For example my friends now are coming out of school and playing PlayStation. We have grown rapidly, we are more mature because people speak also with adults. Our manager is 60 years, for example, "explains Gianluca and adds that" it is a completely different life to that of a normal boy of 18. It is another world. "
The three look at a moment when asked if they miss something to be "normal" but come to a consensus about moving: the family.
In a tone of sorrow, Piero Barone says that "the only thing I really miss is the family. We travel a lot and it's good to know new countries and people, but we miss our families. "
Outside the Artist's speech sometimes sounds a bit learned Il Volo boys during trips confess that I go pretty well together. As one would any young person.
"The truth is that we always in play PlayStation on the tour bus. Particularly 'Fifa 13' "says Ignazio, who, laughing, he shoots the idea that "now we have to buy the PlayStation 4 ...  we can not wait to have it. "
This Italian trio just released an album with songs in Spanish called "Mas Que Amor", ready to conquer Chile, as is already done in the rest of the continent.

Click Here to see the complete photoshoot
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