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Friday, September 20, 2013

Il Volo, the language of love

Despite the success they have had with just two albums and toured Latin America , North America and Europe , Il Volo has his feet on the ground. The group is not resting on its laurels with what has been achievements so far. They want more. This was stated by Ignazio Boschetto, a member of the young Italian trio .
The group will visit the city [Guadalajara, mex] and Boschetto emphasized that the show coincides with the date of his birthday.
"It will be a simple show just because we 're three simple guys . We 'll have fun . As we always say , the concert will be all the people who go to the concert. I think it will be a beautiful concert also because it's my birthday " .
He assures that him , Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble are simple, having fun together and have a solid friendship . On his opinion, the important thing is the selection of the songs, but also sing with emotion .

The Italians will offer a set of classic tracks from their land and pop songs in Spanish ,(they also sing in English , French and German) , during their presentation on the zapopano . They do not sing opera, said Boschetto , but a mix between classical music and pop .
Since he was a child he liked to sing , and because of that he wanted to study to improve his voice. Was prepared and succeeded . He said that singing in different languages ​​allows them " to make many people happy because they understand what the song means ."
Currently the members of Il Volo are rehearsing in the city of Vancouver. Preparing physically and vocally , it is not easy to go from one city to another . He feels that with two albums and the effort over the passed two years, their work has a more mature touch and the members of the group are more aware of what they do on stage.
He also rated Latin American, (the territory in which they offer a mix between the international version and the Spanish version of their albums) as insane, their fans show their love and Il Volo sings for people who appreciate what they do. He said that in countries that have seen a better response have been Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico.
"It's crazy . Every time we come is a party. It's beautiful, you see that the fans love you and you're singing to people who love you " notes the interpreter .
In their two albums , Il Volo and We are Love romantic songs include : "I think that Il Volo interprets love as three boys of 18 , 19 and 20 years see it"
On their own way
If the world meet them, many compared them with Il Divo , Boschetto said that they are more mature and older , while Il Volo are in composed of the three young boys , whose message is intended for an audience closer to their age.
"The message I=we give is that all music is beautiful and that this kind of music has something different to pop. It has feeling, has emotions . It's a different genre that all people have to listen , because sometimes teaches you a lot. "
He said he expects much of his career with Il Volo . One of its goals is to " have fame , more fame and , why not , win a Grammy ." In January 2014, the Italians will return to Europe after completing his tour in America.
Il Volo in concert / Friday October 4 / Auditorio Telmex / 21:00 pm / Tickets 200-900 pesos. Available at Ticketmaster .
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