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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Il Volo Interview for TeveUnica, Acceso Total & PressPass Latino

Hello friends of TeveUnica. Today we are with the Italian Trio Il Volo. We are here with them in the beautiful city of Miami and they will be presenting for the second time on the Latin Billboard. Guys tell us how you feel?
P: We are very excited because it's our second time here in Miami for Latin Billboard. Last year we sang a song called "El triste"  by Jose Jose. And we have two nominations this year and we will also present an award. We can not wait to be there.
You travel a lot together, tell us a little bit of this. Who is the cleanest? 
G: The cleanest? in what sense?
The most ordained? 
I: I. I take a shower every three hours.
And who easts more? 
G: He ... he easts the moost (signals piero ).
I: but does not seem like it.

Calling the room service, what food do you like? 
G: The Italians are complicated because as you know the Italians know how to eat because you have to know how to eat well. The Italians have a unique food in the world, so it is a little difficult but we are used to eat sushi ...
P: And we love the churrasqueria
G: The Argentinian beef
Tell us a bit of how you formed, how you met? 
I: We met on a Italian Tv show in 2009 and the producer decided to get us together and he decided the fourth episode to make us sing O sole mio..
G: speak well. That's not your voice, why are you doing that?
Q: Ignazio from Madrid.
I: And no it all started as a friendship.And now are like three brothers, and we share everything, almost everything.
Who has the most girlfriends? 
P: Why this question?
I: He (nowhere signals)
You left no one in Italy? Any fan in love? 
P: we are very loyal.
G: Yes yes. I am single. And you?
Okay okay. We'll talk later. And that is the craziest thing a fan has done for you or the country where you are sorprise to have more fans. 
I: In Mexico, has happened two or three times, that a bra was thrown on stage and ...
G: With the phone number
Q: One thing that made some fans of Venezuela. She took a plane to my country and took photos in front of my house. Only for that.
G: And also from Australia. From many countries.
Wow and are now putting together a documentary on the your life? 
I: It's like a soap opera. We are working, we are looking to make and will be a surprise.

Il Volo para TeveUnica from TEVEUNICA on Vimeo.


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