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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Live Chat with Il Volo

Il Volo: # IlVolovers Thanks for your love and all you do for Il Volo!
Q: How many children would you like to have?
Q: of Venezuela that is what you most remember?
Everything! So sorry for you are going through. We are close to all of you.
Q: Kind of like sushi? Tuna tataki, sashimi which??
Rainbow Roll, and Tuna tataki. Edamame for appetizer
Q: What's most important to you from your fans?
The presence and the warm you transmitted to us
Q: What can we say about your new musical projects?
We are working hard for the new album.

Q: Why Piero only uses red lenses? Why not another color?
Red is the Colour of Love
Q: Will we see you in minutes or just it is just the photo?
We will see very soon!
Q: Would you fall in love with a fan? Tell them I love them
Never say never
Q: What are your favorite animals?
Horses, Dolphins, Dog
Q: woooow how exciting awwwww! What you doin your free time?
We enjoy spending time with the family
Q: When will the tour in Latin America?
We do not know when, but we'll be back soon!
Q: hi guys my question is what is the kind of girl you like? their characteristics the physical emotions.A nd kisses from El Salvador
What matters is that she is simple and straightforward. All beauty comes from the heart.
Q:What would be the ideal girl for Piero?
My ideal girl would be the ones who makes me fall in love
Q: Ignazio love with all my being
I Love because you love me
Q: From Ecuador! Greetings, How does it feel to be nominated for the awards?
Excited and proud to have fans who support us and we're here for them.

Special thanks to all ilvolovers for the nice questions and congrats for the reply!

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