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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Il Volo interview for Nuesta Voz Latina

Il Volo, who won the 2014 Billboard Award "Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year-" Speak with Nuesta Voz Latina about his their new production. 


Interviewer: Where were you when you got the news that they were nominated for two awards and what came into your mind? 
I: I was in my house 
Interviewer: relaxing.. 
I: In Italy, calm in my house, so I get the news. I told my mom, and she said: I can't believe it... 
Interviewer: Who is the group that puts everyone in line? That says: look stop playing .. 
G: I am the rebel 
Interviewer: And what has been the most rebellious thing you have done? 
P: sleep (laughs) ... We are three calm kids
G: You're a kid, I'm a man (laughs) 
Interviewer: Heard that? And they're like brothers (Piero whispers something to Interviewer) 
G: No, I'm 19 years. .. 
Q: Im 20 
I: Im 19 
Interviewer: (To Piero) You are the greatest, the boss ... Tell me a little bit of his new production Mas Que Amor [...] 
P: Yes, all languages ​​on this album, the first album are more covers and Mas Que Amor, we decided to put new songs and some covers. 
Interviewer: And besides that you were on the same stage as Laura Pausini. How was that experience? 
I: It was beautiful because she invited us for her 20 years of her career in NewYork. Was beautiful to share with her on stage. She is one of the most famous singers in Italy, so it is a pleasure. 
G: And a friendship was born. And tomorrow we will find her in the Latin Billboards 
Interviewer: And were you surprised when she invited you? 
P: It all was born in an interview 
G: Italian newspaper 
Q: We were asked who we wanted to sing and we said Laura Pausini, and she called us and she told to come to New York and do a song together
Interviewer: And who do you want to sing now? 
G & P: With Alejandro Sanz 
G: Hi Alejandro ! 
Q: Alejandro for South America and with America, he's not American, he' is Irish, with Bono because we have a song called Beautiful Day. 
Interviewer: You were on tour with more than 50 presentations, when you asleep? When you eat? How you do it?  
I: It is difficult, because the tour is a tiring, but if you do it with love and passion , you can do it. If you do it for only business, you better stay home 
Interviewer: What's next for Il Volo ? 
I: We are planning a tour in June, Us and Canada. And in September we will make a tour in Latin America. And next year will have a new album out, maybe. And a novel ... 
G: We're gonna be actors ... 
Interviewer: In what language do you argue .. 
G: We speak Italian 


  1. Yes somebody please translate into English. I'm assuming this was done in Miami FL. The tv station should have automatically had English subtitles. I would love to know what they had to say.

  2. I agree. Would like to see all their interviews translated to English, I can't learn 2 new languages fast enough!




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