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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Il Volo on Suelta la Sopa

Il Volo shared their experience with the kids eliminated from "La Voz Kids"; talking about Ti Lascio Una Canzone


Please know that we have here three former contestants from The Voice Kids
They were in a competition and Piero gianluca was the only person who won , but what exactly happened next ?
G: Is because force is only when us three sing together and sing in harmony only when the three voices ... because we each have different personalities and the success only came when the three sing together
I: Our goal is to bring the message of love with the music . As of today many people think that an artist makes a lot of money and it's only business . And we want people to see that music transmits emotions , feelings that music are felings taht you can see when you sing and that when an artist conveys an emotion is the most beautiful thing in the world . And that's what people should understand .
Interviewer: We see the success Il Volo has here, we see how they were born and how suddenly when two failed to win the competition , you kept fighting , which is a message that we want you (the kids) to understand . That you shouldn't give up and say you will not sing any more
G: Never Give up .
Interviewer: And if you have a question for Il Volo...
Girl: First I want to congratulate you on winning the Billboard awards. And how you knew you had the talent to sing so beautiful?
P: I started, forgive me for my Spanish , I started with my grandfather. He is the man who discovered my voice. I was singing and ([my nono] is blind ) and he heard the song, and then my dad always helped me to achieve my dream . I started studying piano and singing with the voice teacher and the church
Jonathan (kid) : Were you friends during the competition ?
I: It all started ... We did not know eachother and we met in the show's auditions , and when we started the show we started talking a little bit but nothing serious . And then when we started singing together, the producer of the program decided put together , we started talking more . I asked them for their phone ..
Piero : We started to flight more
I: To fight more ( laughs ) And now we are like three brothers. We share almost everything.
Kid: I love how you sing, I want to know who had the idea to form the group.
G: . It all started in 2009. We are in this show, we sang and the producer decided to put us together in the fourth episode. Then we signed an international record deal with Intescope .
Interviewer : That sounds like The Voice Kids battles .
G: When we first  sing O Sole mio, standing ovation . How many? 5, 6 thousand people, and how many Italians? All Italy saw us, it was really an incredible success .
Interviewer : And became friends ?
G: There was never rivalry
I: In the show we were never against each other
G: The ones who won were the three of us. I won an episode , Ignazio other Piero another.
Interviewer: Since you are here , it'd be nice to give the kids an advice. The really is that we all want to win
G: We're talking about winning. The important thing is not to win . As we were saying before britney spears , justin bieber ..
I: The important thing is to lose .. (laughs)
[ ... ]
I: Ignazio's advice is to never forget where you started. For example my mom calls me every morning and tells me ( does sound weird and laughs ) And in the morning she says: Ignazio  never forget where you came from because it'd help you to move forward and be humble
[ ... ]
G: One important thing we 're doing this thing, be singers and convey our love for music to our fans. We feel good when we sing.
Interviewer : [ ... ] Can you sing a song ? [ ... ]
I: I dont have the microphone , wait (Takes microphone under his bottom )
Q: Last year at the Billboard Awards ...
I: No they did not say to introduce they said sing..
Q: Last year at the awards billboard sang a beautiful song for a big singer in mexico and this teacher is called Jose Jose . And the song is called El Triste
(sing )

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  1. Wow! I would LOVE the translation!
    Thank you for asking.
    What a precious experience for IL VOLO and the kids!

    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion's Doorway




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